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Kevin Campbell
Kevin has a pastoral counselor's heart to help people be successful in their lives. Kevin has experience counseling people in church and community settings. His specialities include marriage counseling, infidelity recovery, men's issues, pornography, addiction, as well, as general Christian growth.

After 13 years in pastoral ministry, Kevin decided to further his training in the area of counseling, and obtained a Master's Degree in Christian Counseling. He is available for counseling couples, men, and families dealing with issues dealing with life and personal relationships.

Kevin incorporates a variety of approaches in equipping couples and individuals with the practical tools they will need to implement life changing principles to their lives. Kevin's provides a welcoming, safe, and genuine environment for healing, restoration and victorious living to begin.  Kevin will equip couples and individuals with practical strategies as well as general principles to move forward in pursuit of their goals.

Kevin's educational background includes:
Bachelor's Degree in Bible/ Pastoral Studies - Landmark Baptist College
Master's Degree in Christian Counseling - Louisiana Baptist University

Kevin counsels on site of Aloma United Methodist Church in Winter Park, FL.
To schedule an appointment, call Kevin at (321) 945-9053.
Or email at: Kevin.heartpeace@gmail.com  Phone and Skype sessions are also available. 
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