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Jana Crain
hope and help. Jana's professional and personal mission is to better the world by teaching people to tell the truth and pursue their dreams. Her focus is on maximizing clients' ability to thrive across all areas of life--health, love, career, money, family, etc.  

As a Christian Life Coach, Jana finds her deepest fulfillment in equipping one to discover a healthy rhythm for their whole being-mental, spiritual, physical, relational and professional. Her experience includes helping churches and ministries develop structures, equip leaders, and empower teams to work in healthy environments. Jana also provides useful tools and training in communication and conflict resolution for couples, marriages and parenting through individual and family coaching.  

Jana spreads her message of empowerment through one-on-one coaching, group sessions, seminars and virtual coaching. With years of international travel and leadership experience, Jana has a long track record in working with teens and adults. She specializes in helping remove the clutter of conflict, stress and pain so that one can focus their attention on core values, discern a path forward, and reach life goals. Jana's approach is positive, solution-based and practical, and you will leave your time with her feeling confident and hopeful about your next steps. 

Jana's Education includes:
B.A. in Education, Minor in Bible from Clearwater Christian College.
Master Courses in Counseling from Reformed Theological Seminary. 
Certified Professional Life Coach from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching

Jana is also a Seminar Director and Facilitator with Prepare Enrich. 

Jana has been married for 11 years to her amazing husband and has two active boys. 

At present, Jana only provides distance sessions by SKYPE or FaceTime. To Schedule an Appointment with Jana email her at Jana.heartpeace@gmail.com.
Passionate about personal development, Jana has been coaching individuals and groups for over 16 years.Before enthusiastically joining Heart Peace, Jana worked as the Director of a ministry called CAREnet designed to provide people with 
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