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John Smith Reviews
My wife and I are recently married and we got the opportunity to go through "Marriage Coaching" sessions with John Smith.  These sessions were amazing as we were able to sit down with John to talk about different areas in what is expected of me as a husband and her as a wife.  There are times where you can just talk with your spouse and have conversations with them about things in your lives, but going through these sessions opened up so much more in understanding your other half.  We both looked forward to coming back to the next session to see what we could learn more about each other.  The end result was amazing as my wife is just like me in so many different ways.  I told John that we would be coming back sometime down the road as I think it is very healthy in a marriage to always keep that communication, understanding, values, needs and what is expected of each other as couples and as parents.  I also would recommend taking your husband or wife to this so you may grow with each other.  John did such an amazing job and he definitely has touched the hearts of my wife and I.  God bless you John and I hope I hear wonderful stories of how you have helped and touched other people's lives.  You are a blessing!
Louie and Michelle Castillo

Growing further apart in our marriage, we decided we were at a breaking point and needed to reach out for help. After being led to Heartpeace, we were blessed to have John assigned as our counselor. John’s dedication and ability to his life calling has helped us as a couple to learn to communicate better, grow closer in our faith and all around understand and love each other on a deeper level.  John has taught us that through communication and assessments we can conquer this thing called life and marriage. We leave our sessions with more knowledge and strength to pursue each other on a deeper level. Each session inspires us and we look forward to putting the challenges John assigns us to the test. When the time comes for our sessions to come to a close, we will both have lasting impressions on our hearts for the wisdom, tools and guidance that John has given us in order to save our marriage.
Peter and Ericka Stenborg

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