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John Smith
“Are you struggling to make a change in your life? Finding the motivation and aligning the steps to make those changes can be the hardest part.”

John is a Certified Professional Life Coach who can help and guide individuals, couples, and families to put the pieces of their lives together in a new and exciting way. 
John has over 30 years’ experience in Pastoral Counseling. 

Interacting and helping so many people throughout the years has taught John something very fundamental. Regardless of background or current situation people   are looking to live their life with joy, passion and purpose. 

John will inspire and lead you in living that fulfilled life by bringing clarity to your life, by guiding you in setting healthy personal and relational boundaries, by helping you set specific goals for your life, by resolving personal and family problems that may be hindering you from going forward and by allowing you to discover how uniquely and beautifully God has made you.

Everyone goes through a season in their life where they could benefit from extended support and encouragement. If that is the season that you are in today contact John to make an appointment. A life lived with true joy, passion and purpose is only a phone call away.

John's education includes:
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Farleigh Dickenson University
Master’s Degree in Divinity from Baptist Bible Seminary

John is also a Certified Professional Life Coach from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. 

John has been married for over 38 years and has three children who love and serve the Lord.

​John works out of the Deland office. To Schedule an appointment you can call John at 386-801-1291 or email John at John.heartpeace@gmail.com.