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Kate Crosby

Kate's work involves the whole person. Holism means she assesses and counsels using mental, emotional, social, physical and spiritual areas. Each part of what makes you you affects the other. Kate is comfortable including prayer and Biblical meditation in therapy if requested.

Not only does Kate bring training from the counseling graduate program of Liberty University, she is a seasoned veteran of life; marriage, children, grandchildren, in-laws and out-laws and those in-between. Kate finds this experience helps her make real connections during counseling sessions. It is why she enjoys working with women, couples and families. Her holistic approach includes finding causes and solutions in the physical, emotional and spiritual areas we are a part of. It is so easy to be off track from past or present trauma, broken expectations or relationships. Kate is committed to navigating these places alongside you and finding peace.  

Kate is a Florida State registered mental health counselor intern working towards licensure.

Kate counsels both in Seminole and Volusia county. She is available in both the Deland office and on site of Casselberry Community United Methodist Church in Casselberry, FL. To make an appointment with Kate you can email Kate.heartpeace@gmail.com or call her directly at 407-453-2599.
"Many of us can't quite figure out who we really are. Often our true self is buried beneath many years of pretending to be someone else, a new or improved version that we think is more acceptable to others.
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Acting like this might be from a difficult childhood or a family trauma. Depression, anxiety, anger or addiction may signal that this is the culprit. The good news is, we can change. I would like to help get you back to the person God intended you to be, the person who suits you best. It is possible!

I work with adults coping with difficult relationships, low self-esteem, & lack of meaning in their life. The walking wounded may come from childhoods of abuse, neglect or a plain old "hard home life". We numb the pain with many things, but the cause of the pain is still there."