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About Us

About Us

TELEHEALTH Sessions are available for immediate booking Monday-Saturday 8 AM-8 PM. Contact us for details.


Welcome to Heart Peace Counseling LLC! We're so glad you've found us!



There is no greater honor as counselors, therapists, and life coaches than to enter into your story and share in the joys and struggles of your life. 
Our partnership with you for a specific purpose within a specific time frame yields possibilities of learning, growth, and healing for a lifetime. Because of the built-in safety structures such as confidentiality and ethical boundaries, the therapeutic relationship is special and unique. You have the space and time to give attention and awareness to your situation, lifelong patterns, and even your thoughts and feelings. You are trusted to figure things out for yourself without judgment while also having the support of skillfully experienced and effective clinicians. 
Our mission is "helping hearts find peace and purpose through Christ-centered counseling and coaching."  We passionately believe that peace and purpose go hand in hand. The Heart peace team strives to reflect our love of Jesus through our commitment to professional standards and in the compassionate care that we give.  
All that we are or have to offer is because of Him and we are extremely grateful both to God and to all of the clients that we serve, have served, and will serve. 
Grace & Peace,  
The Heart Peace Team



 Contact us if you are looking for a counselor, therapist, or life coach to speak at an upcoming event. Collectively, our heart peace team has experience in speaking at Spiritual Retreats, community events, church special events, recovery, business, educational and professional settings.