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Eve Brinson

Eve Brinson

Eve Brinson photoAs a Christian licensed mental health counselor, Eve is passionate about helping her clients thrive, knowing that God can transform their biggest challenges into opportunities for emotional and spiritual growth. Her goal is to connect people to God’s healing power through a therapeutic relationship that helps them discover God’s love and wisdom while using clinically supported counseling interventions to heal trauma, eliminate symptoms, and promote healthier patterns of thinking and behavior.

Eve believes many people have the resources needed to overcome adversity and may only need a little help getting back on track. Others are struggling under the weight of trauma, conflict, and significant handicaps, and need more intensive care. Through prayer, compassionate understanding, and collaboration, Eve provides counseling experiences that are uniquely designed to meet her client’s needs, so they can achieve their goals for better emotional health, more satisfying relationships, and the freedom to achieve their God-given potential.

Eve's approach to counseling is that our hardships and mistakes don’t define who we are or what we will accomplish in life. Instead, we can use these adversities as powerful catalysts, creating opportunities for positive transformation. During the counseling process, Eve will create a plan that brings your symptoms under control, explore the causes of your distress, eliminate the source of your pain and frustration, and celebrate your hard work, determination, and success! Eve doesn't prescribe to rigid procedures or a “one size fits all” therapy. She uses an individualized and holistic approach to counseling, supporting you – spirit, soul, & body.

Eve’s Education/Certifications Include:

M.S. Counseling Barry University - 2010
B.S. Education University of Central Florida - 1989

Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 

Eve's theoretical orientation includes EMDR, Emotional Freedom Technique, Internal Family Systems, DNMS, Family Systems, Attachment Based Therapies, Psychodynamic theory, Solution Focused Therapy, Life Coaching, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Eve's specialties include helping with adjustment to life events, anxiety, boundary setting, codependency, chronic pain/health conditions, depression, forgiveness, grief, hopelessness, life transitions, loss, mood disorders, panic disorder, relationships, self-esteem, social anxiety, trauma and women's issues. She works with a variety of ages from children, teens, young adults to adults and older adults. 

"As your counselor, I will join you on an expedition of your life. On this journey, we will unearth the pathways where you lost your way and remove the blocks that have kept you feeling stuck. Along the way, we will discover hidden sources of peace and strength that will empower you to live well, and stand strong against future challenges."

Call today to make a confidential appointment. A life lived with passion, joy, and purpose is only a phone call away.

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Appointment Location: Oviedo, Deland and Telehealth

To schedule an appointment with Eve call (407) 920-0422 or email Eve at

Eve is in-network with United Healthcare, Best Care EAP, and in process of taking FHCP and VHN.

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