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John Smith

John Smith

John Smith headshotJohn is a Certified Professional Life Coach who has over 30 years of experience coaching countless individuals, couples and families through complex difficulties towards a healthy and productive place. John provides empathy, understanding, and skillful wisdom in a supportive environment. 

Areas of Focus


Personal Life Coach:

During these stressful times you may find yourself at a crossroads. It may be a job, relationship, health or existential crisis. Being a cancer survivor himself, John has invaluable experience and empathy for those transitioning through unexpected life events. As you readjust to a new lifestyle, John will help you to redfine your life's purpose and find deeper meaning. John's life purpose is to compassionately and skillfully help you navigate through the roadblocks and obstacles that are preventing you from moving forward.

Coaching is a dynamic and effective way to experience greater freedom, joy and direction in your life. You live your life, instead of life living you! John will help you clarify your values, strengths and abilities in support of your life goals.


Good communication is not a set of skills we are naturally born with. Too often people pick up toxic and maladaptive habits that lead to misunderstandings and lifelong relational pain. Communication comes through skillful understanding of each other, discipline, and the ability to manage our conversations in a way that allows us to reach clarity and closure in our conversations. John will help you identify your specific communication style and to reverse the patterns that have caused turmoil and pain.

Boundaries Coaching:

John helps individuals who feel disempowered, false guilt, an inability to say no, and directionless, develop and establish healthy boundaries that protect love and strengthen relationships.You don't have to let the dysfunctional patterns of everyone around you dictate your life. You can learn to make deliberate choices that have more impact on your life and others. Using Christ-centered principles, John will help you map out a clear path to taking ownership of your life.  

Certified Strategic Coaching:

John will help you incorporate the wisdom of Godly principles as well as the best in organizational principles to strategically develop growth and health. You will learn to more effectively manage your time, choices, and priorities. Whether you're a leader in ministry, business, or your home you will learn the skills to successfully lead yourself first.  Unless the LORD builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the LORD watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain. Psalm 127:1

Identifying Control:

It seems as if in these times we live in, we've all lost control in some respect. In seeking to regain footing many may subconsciously try to take control back by manipulating and/or overpowering those closest to them. John will help you identify the issues of control that are disrupting your life.  The key is understanding that there is only one thing we can control and that is ourselves. John will help you to refocus and align your heart towards greater self-empowerment leading to less frustration and deeper relationships. 

Marriage Coaching:

John helps couples deepen their connection, strengthen their communication and find joy again through encouraging and equipping them with Godly wisdom, practical tools and solutions. John's marriage coaching is Gottman method informed integrating the best evidence based practice with Godly principles. John will help you evaluate your goals for marriage through the lens of God’s design and purpose for you and your spouse. God’s plan for your marriage is brilliant.

Certified Premarital Coach:

John helps couples prepare for a lifelong love like only God could design. Coaching couples will gain the knowledge they need before they settle into destructive patterns that often lead to divorce. John is a trained SYMBIS facilitator, who provides SYMBIS assessments and tools to help couples identify areas of strength to build on and areas that need growth. Couples who take part in premarital coaching experience a 30% increase in marital success and fulfillment over those who do not participate.

During difficult seasons in life, we could all benefit from extended support, planning, encouragement and guidance that is faith based and Christ-centered. John will help you discover how uniquely and beautifully God has created you as you experience more fully than ever that you are completely loved and never alone.

3.5x5heart-rock-in-stream-2John's education includes:

* Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Farleigh Dickenson University

* Master’s Degree in Divinity from Baptist Bible Seminary

* Certified Professional Life Coach from Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching.

* Certified Strategic Coach

* SYMBIS Premarital/Marital Counseling Facilitator 


John has been married for over 44 years and has three children who love and serve the Lord.

Appointment Locations: Deland and Telehealth 
To schedule an appointment with John,
call John at 386-801-1291 or email 

John offers secure, confidential and convenient Telehealth (videoconferencing) right from your laptop or phone at home or work. Call today to make a confidential appointment. A life lived with peace, joy and purpose is only a phone call away.

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