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What People are Saying

What People are Saying


"Only been going for a short while, but already better than 99% of my previous experience with counseling! First off I love that they have flexibility in times for appointments and have virtual options. More importantly though Jayna really cares and listens and knows what she is talking about but also goes with the flow if we need to pivot from what we planned on talking about. When I have gotten off track it she has helped me to look deeper and it leads to breakthroughs. I would recommend Heart Peace to anyone and everyone especially Jayna!"


"I cannot recommend Solimar enough. Her compassionate and Christ centered approach has helped me immensely."


"I had come to a crossroads in my life where I felt stuck, discouraged, and defeated. John Smith provided genuine care, direction, and hope. Through his life coaching I was able to discover my options while adjusting my perspective and gaining insight. With his guidance I felt empowered to move forward with focus, motivation, and renewed purpose. Thank you John Smith for what you do! You're the best!"


"I am a huge advocate for EMDR therapy. I spent over ten years trying to deal with flashbacks from abuse with traditional talk therapy and after a relatively short time working with EMDR was able to minimize horrible memories to memories that happened but don't have a negative effect on me anymore. It is truly amazing! ...oh and Michelle is the most AWESOME therapist in the whole wide world and I feel like I owe her my life.." 


"My experience and time with Lauren was life changing!! When I started my sessions with Lauren I was just beginning my career, soon to be engaged and so many life changes were about to happen. In the midst of it all, I was facing everything with a skewed self worth and a lack of self-esteem.. Throughout my time and counseling with Lauren, I was able to learn how to love myself and see myself for what God intended and not a reflection of what others thought of me! Lauren gave me the tools to face challenges and achievements, all while holding true to myself. I never knew that my worst critic and enemy was myself! Now, over a year and a half later, I'm a married woman and going into my second year of my career. To this day I continue to turn to towards God and the tools that Lauren taught me to get through the difficult times that could potentially beat me down and affect the core of who I am! I am truly thankful and blessed for my counseling with Lauren! Opening up to her was easier than I imagined and allowed me to embrace how much she truly cares and her passion for others!"