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Tim and Tracey Farrell

Tim and Tracey Farrell

Tim and Tracey Profile PictureTim and Tracey are passionate about the marriage relationship and helping couples find a new sense of hope and love for one another. In a culture where marriages are suffering, they see healing and joy as always possible through the love of the Lord. Combining many years of marriage enrichment ministry with counseling countless couples, Tim and Tracey love to offer creative approaches to healing in the marriage relationship through the work of transparency, communication, and covenantal love. They have witnessed couples go from what they thought was the end of their marital journey into new paths of life and intimacy and look forward to seeing that same path becoming yours. Couples often feel alone in their struggles. The work of counseling can help each couple realize they are far from alone and closer to healing than they might assume.

Tim and Tracey work as a team with couples providing a unique experience for the couple to feel less alienated and more understood from both perspectives. Tim and Tracey will help you to fight FOR your marriage instead of fighting against each other. Their compassionate approach paired with wisdom, training and experience will help you find more connection, communication and fulfillment in your relationship.

Tim and Tracey Farrell have lived in Central Florida for fifteen years. They have two children, one in college and one finishing high school. They have served the local church for twenty-five years. Both Tim and Tracey have dual masters degrees (Masters of Divinity and Masters of Counseling). Tracey is a couples coach and Tim is a state registered mental health counseling interns working towards licensure. 

We look forward to hearing your story and sharing the steps you’ll take to go into the next chapter of your marriage that will include: hope, joy, love, and newfound purpose. We work with couples who need new skills in the marriage relationship, coaching for those couples who want a refresher or to make a good marriage even better, premarital counseling, couples who are in crisis, infidelity recovery, seasonal life transitions in marriage, and marital conflict. We specialize in married couples who work in the vocation of local church ministry.

Appointment Locations: Telehealth and Orlando

To schedule an appointment with Tim and Tracey call (386) 977 - 9434 or email them at



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