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Tim Farrell

Tim Farrell

Tim Farrell photo"If you find your life is limited by anxiety, low self-esteem or a sense of aloneness we can work together collaboratively to empower you with the skills you need to heal, grow and shine. If you are in a place in your life where you are looking to prepare for marriage or enrich your marriage relationship, I'd love to equip you with the tools and resources you need for a thriving marriage. Perhaps you are experiencing issues related to a father wound. I would encourage you to reach out to me. Everyone faces challenging times of struggle in their lives.  You don't have to face it alone."

Tim Farrell specializes in men's issues and counsels individuals who are struggling with anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, abandonment issues and aloneness. Tim helps men to overcome and find freedom from life controlling behaviors such as compulsive pornography use. Often times men feel defeated and can see the effect this is having on their marriage and their own life, but feel powerless to stop. Tim will help you to find and bring healing to the core root of the issue as well as practical steps and tools to decrease compulsive behaviors.

One further area of specialty is men who have suffered from fatherhood abandonment issues. There are certain characteristics of men who've experienced this kind of wound and specialized care to help heal these wounds. You don't have to settle for a life of fear and despair. You were created to experience life abundant and to thrive. Tim will encourage you to experience God's presence more fully by integrating the promises and power of Christ into your daily life. Transformation is possible by the powerful love of Christ through competent and skillful Christian counseling.

Tim also enjoys helping pre-marital couples and married couples in the areas of
communication, forgiveness and having a relational non-anxious presence. Tim has  witnessed couples go from what they thought was the end of their marital journey into new paths of life and intimacy and look forward to seeing that same path becoming yours. Couples often feel alone in their struggles. The work of counseling can help each couple realize they are far from alone and closer to healing than they might assume.

It can feel vulnerable to reach out for support and help. It takes courage to take
this step. Tim is a Christian counselor who has an additional 20+ years of ministry experience in a variety of settings. You'll find that Tim is approachable and will make you feel at ease. 

Tim also specializes in working with individuals and couples who work in the vocation of ministry or church ministry specifically. He not only understands the demands, dynamics, and needs of those in ministry but can skillfully help you connect the dots to find healthier ways to function in your roles to prevent burnout and restore the passion you once had for your vocational calling.

Tim's Education: 

Master of Arts in Counseling from Asbury Theological Seminary

Master of Divinity Degree from Asbury Theological Seminary

Tim is married with two children and has served the local church for over twenty-five years. Tim has dual masters degrees in Divinity and Counseling. Tim is a state registered mental health counseling interns working towards licensure. 


Appointment Locations: Telehealth and Orlando

To schedule an appointment with Tim (386) 977 - 9434 or email him at



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