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Payment Options

Payment Options

Session Time
A session time is typically 50 minutes.

50 minute sessions serve many functions:

1) To allow your counselor time to record proper case notes which improve your counseling treatment plan,                                                                                         

2) To provide time in between clients to sanitize our offices and waiting rooms,             

3) To prevent unnecessary overlap in the waiting room ensuring greater safety and confidentiality of all our clients,                                                                                   

4) And to allow each session to start on time with adequate time and self care for our wonderful clinicians to greet you as if you were the only one! 

Counseling Session Rates
$95 per session with a licensed counselor, certified professional life coach or certified addictions professional.
$85 per session with a pre-licensed counselor.

ALL payment is due at the time services are rendered unless agreed upon in advance for extenuating circumstances. This should be the exception and not the rule. Please be respectful of your clincian's expertise and time. We want our clients to feel respected and at all times to feel special. We want to focus on your therapeutic goals and the counseling relationship. However, please kindly remember counselor livelihoods depend on your timely payment just like you would not want a delay from your income source. After 3 unpaid visits, you will need to bring your account current before scheduling again unless your sessions are being paid for by an agreed upon third party. Thank you for this consideration. Thank you to all our wonderful clients who do pay consistently and in a timely manner. We don't take you for granted! It's because of you we can continue to do what we were born to do! 

Group Counseling sessions: 
Price is set per clinician, per group. Contact your counselor to inquire about groups. Sliding scale is available upon request on a limited basis.

Qualified Clinical Supervision (for registered Mental Health Interns seeking licensure)
‚Äč$85 per Individual Supervision session
$40 per Group Supervision session

~Heart Peace Counseling Center is primarily a private pay only practice.
~This allows us to focus our time and energy on the quality of care.
~There are limits and restrictions when using insurance including limits to confidentiality and restrictions as to length, time and amount of sessions.
~Most of our licensed counselors are credentialed with Florida Healthcare plans. You are responsible to contact FHCP, determine if a referral is required & pay your copay at the time of session.
~When using your out of network benefits you are responsible for complete payment of session at time of session.
~Out of network reimbursable receipts will be provided upon request and reimbursement will depend on your insurance carrier. You are responsible to file any out of network paperwork. The complete session amount is due at time of session and you will receive a receipt to file.
~ We accept most HSA (Health Savings Account) cards for payment. Verify with you HSA provider before using.

Cancellation Policy:
Kindly give 24-hour notice when rescheduling or canceling an appointment to avoid a fee of $50 for the unused reserved counseling session hour. This fee will apply regardless of the reason for missing appointment. No Shows are charged full session price as we are unable to book the session when we are not informed that the session is cancelled.

Payment: Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard & Discover Accepted.